Acoustic Wave Therapy

The Body Rejuvenation Centre is the brainchild of Dr. Lance Riggien.

He found that during orthopaedic clinical sessions on patients, their lymphatic system and skin tone showed incredible improvement and after doing extensive research and connecting with experts around the world, he concluded that the rejuvenative properties of the sound wave treatments were astounding and confirmed what specialists throughout Europe were saying. He noted that Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) improved the overall skin elasticity and appearance which gave him the insight to launch trials of cellulite, arm toning and tightening, lymphatic drainage and the anti-wrinkle non-invasive facial treatments. Body Shaping Treatments are soon to follow whereby “love handles” and unwanted belly fat are targeted and metabolised resulting in a reduction in circumference in a short period of time. These treatments have been successfully used by doctors around the world for some time already and are showing an increasing appeal due to their non-invasive nature and extremely fast results.

These early results proved so extremely effective and positive that they resulted in the launch of The Body Rejuvenation Centre which focuses on this tissue re-engineering to achieve the results we have spoken about. Further developments will see us tackling scars, stretchmarks and any post-liposuction abnormalities.

The centre is going from strength to strength and prides itself on delivering safe, non-invasive and effective results in a patient-friendly environment.

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses the body‘s intrinsic repair mechanisms to tighten the tissue.

When cellulite reaches an advanced pathological stage, the lymphatic vascular system is no longer able to return a sufficient amount of protein molecules and catabolic products from the interstitial space into the venous system. The high concentration of proteins in the interstice causes fibrosing and thus alters the tissue properties. This leads to an increase in the impedance jump where the effects of acoustic waves take place.

The application of acoustic waves results in transient cellular membrane permeability. The exchange of substances between cells is thus improved. In the treatment of the pathologies, membrane permeability actives fatsplitting enzymes (lipases).

The mechanical stimulus produced by acoustic waves is known to be converted into chemical activity. This phenomenon is referred to as mechanotransduction. The shear force exerted by Acoustic Wave Therapy releases biologically active substances that lead to increased blood flow (hyperemization) in all tissue layers, including the connective tissue, through vasodilation and vascularization.

Patients with cellulite are often found to have hypotonic postural muscles. In these cases, vibration treatment should be used to ensure additional muscular stimulation. Combining AWT® and vibration treatment with the V-ACTOR® applicator enhances the effectiveness of the treatment. Increased muscular blood circulation contributes to the formation of energy-rich adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from the activated cellular metabolism. This leads to the formation of new muscle fibres and muscular strengthening.

The main objective of Acoustic Wave Therapy is to induce tightening and neoformation of connective tissue to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of the affected skin.